Safety first!


Norwegian Boat Adventure is in the front regarding safety. For all our passengers, we have safety equipment being above the demands given by the Norwegian Maritime Directorate (NMD) . Our routines for control of equipment are well implemented, and we have a thoroughly structured security system. The NMD requires that all passengers have a lifejacket and a survival suit that together gives the passenger a buoyancy equal to 150 N. The suits and jackets we use equals 382 N.


It is a myth that RIB is for adrenaline junkies. The RIB suits all genders and ages. Before every trip we will give a short, but important information about security on board.  Our experience says that the most sceptical passengers are the most enthusiastic when the trip is done! We are always searching for new methods and equipment that improves the safety on board. Based on our passengers, we will adjust the trip accordingly.


The captain on board is a deck officer classified D5L or above, having passenger and crisis management courses for sailors, safety courses for sailors with special security duties and basic security courses for sailors. Our captains are well experienced at sea.




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